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Crafting In-House Collections and Brands

At ICARE, innovation isn't just a buzzword; it's woven into the fabric of our identity. We're more than manufacturers; we're creators, visionaries, and passionate design enthusiasts. This is where the magic happens - our in-house brand projects take shape, from initial concept to the flawless final product.

Our in-house projects stand as a testament to our unwavering devotion to eyewear. We constantly challenge the boundaries of design, material selection, and craftsmanship. Whether it's a collection blending artistry and utility or a brand that encapsulates the essence of a new era, we take immense pride in every creation bearing the ICARE name.

With our in-house brand initiatives, we don't just aim to meet expectations; we aim to surpass them. We offer eyewear that enhances vision while reflecting individuality, sophistication, and a timeless commitment to excellence. Among our esteemed Licenses brands are Moleskine and Schott NYC.


Moleskine Eyewear are elegantly designed with innovative processes that allow Moleskine glasses to meet the needs of creative thinkers everywhere. Moleskine glasses are elegant, functional and extremely lightweight with contemporary materials grilamid high-grade resin made in Switzerland, stainless steel and acetate. Each pair of Moleskine frames come with an extremely slim case designed to reflect the look and feel of the classic Moleskine notebook. Moleskine aims to be part of your creative tool kit believing that the things we take with us every day say a lot about who we are.

Schott NYC

A 1913 legendary US leather good brand based in NYC and inventor of the famous Perfecto and bomber jackets worn by Steve McQueen and Marlon Brando. Schott is today an international brand, represented in numerous countries in the US, Canada as well as in Europe (France, Germany, Great Britain…). Targeting 20 to 35 year old clients, at a price range from 90 to 145 Euros, the range is now large of about 100 models, constantly renewed optical frames and sunglasses.

Les Triples

Based on the drawings and comics of Nicole Lambert, the brand has now grown into many kids products, ranges and TV programs in countries as diverse as French speaking ones (Canada, France, Belgium…) but also in Asia (China, Taiwan, Japan…). Les Triples is also a range of high end creative frames for girls and young women.

Whistler Hills

This high end lifestyle brand is the house brand of Icare. Targeting 25 to 65 year old people who want trendy yet reasonable glasses, Whistler Hills take its inspiration from major international trends as well as from the refined and discreet luxury of the British Columbia ski station. The range is large with 45 optical models and an upcoming sunglass range and is regularly updated. Retail price ranges from 99 to 139 Euros.

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