Our Manufacturing Excellence

Crafting Quality Eyewear Across Borders

At Icare Group, our commitment to eyewear excellence knows no bounds. We proudly operate three cutting-edge factories, each with its unique specialization, ensuring that we meet the diverse needs of our clients and partners worldwide.

Our three factories, spread across China and Cambodia, exemplify our unwavering commitment to providing top-tier eyewear solutions on a global scale.

Icare Standard: Dongguan, China

Icare Libo: Shenzhen, China

Cam-Icare: Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Icare Standard: Frames and sunglasses factory

Dongguan, China

Icare Standard:

Frames and sunglasses factory, Dongguan, China.

Located in Dongguan, China, our Icare Standard factory boasts 300 skilled workers specializing in the production of acetate, metal, and combination frames. Acquired by Icare in 2007, this facility, established since 1975, brings a wealth of experience in frame manufacturing, particularly in the realm of acetate and metal combination frames. It's our attention to detail, impeccable finishing, and unwavering product quality that sets us apart in the industry.

Icare Libo: Frames and sunglasses factory

Shenzhen, China

Icare Libo:

Frames and sunglasses factory, Shenzhen,China

In response to growing demand, Icare integrated one of its subcontractors in Shenzhen. With 400 workers producing stainless steel, titanium, acetate, and combination frames, Icare Libo doubles our production capacity in China. This facility now yields over 200,000 frames per month, maintaining our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship.

Cam-Icare: Frames and sunglasses factory

Sihanoukville, Cambodia


Frames and sunglasses factory, Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Established in 2015, Cam-Icare focuses on supplying the optical industry with high-quality, low to medium-end products at substantial volumes. Equipped with advanced machinery, including CNC 5-axis and laser machines, our Cambodian factory is set to achieve a capacity of 100,000 pieces per month. We offer competitive pricing while upholding the industry's finest quality standards, outside of China.

Why Sihanoukville, Cambodia: Beyond Cost Efficiency

While cost efficiency played a pivotal role in our decision, it's essential to understand that there are several compelling reasons behind our expansion into Cambodia: 

  • Meticulous Khmer Craftsmanship: Khmer people are renowned throughout Southeast Asia for their meticulous attention to detail and care. This characteristic is vital, especially when crafting items that customers interact with firsthand when trying on their frames at home.
  • Competitive Labor Costs and Trade Advantages: Cambodia offers competitive labor costs and significant trade advantages, with no tariffs to the USA and lower tariffs to Europe.
  • Stability and Low Turnover: Sihanoukville provides a stable working environment, boasting an impressively low staff turnover rate of less than 3% and zero turnover for management. This stability arises from our location, which minimizes the presence of other industries and ensures favorable working conditions. Furthermore, our proximity to the port enhances import and export logistics.
  • Consistency in Operations: Operating in Cambodia means not having to navigate the complexities of Chinese New Year disruptions, ensuring uninterrupted production and service.
  • Social and Environmental Responsibility: Cambodia's social and environmental laws provide a solid foundation for both the well-being of our employees and responsible factory operation.
  • Optimal Production Environment: Sihanoukville offers an ideal environment for production, with easy recruitment, workers returning home for meals, no dormitories (as employees reside in Sihanoukville), and the scenic backdrop of this resort town by the sea.
  • Khmer Hospitality: Lastly, the warm and welcoming nature of the Khmer people, often referred to as the 'country of smiles,' fosters a positive work atmosphere that aligns with our company's values.

Our expansion into Cambodia is not just about cost savings; it's about combining the strengths of a skilled workforce, favorable trade conditions, operational stability, and a positive work environment to better serve our clients and uphold our commitment to quality

How we work


Design and technical drawings: From 3 days to two weeks depending on the size of the collection.
Prototyping: 45 days for colored prototypes. 30 days for structure sample in black.
First production: 120 days for acetate frames, 100 days for metal and injected frames.
Reorders: 90 to 120 days depending on difficulty and raw material supply.
Injection tooling: 40 days.
These are general timings, and actual timings should be confirmed with our company.


China production:

Metal frames: 500 pieces per model, 100 pieces per colour.

Acetate: 300 pieces per model, 100 pieces per colour.

Single injection, spray colour: 600 pieces per model, 100 pieces per colour.

Double injection, injected colours: 600 pieces per model, 200 pieces per colour.

These are general MOQs, and actual MOQs should be confirmed with our company.