Our Factories

Icare Standard:

frames and sunglasses factory, Dongguan, China.

With 300 workers and producing acetate, metal and
combination frames, we take pride in producing
medium to high end frames of great quality. The factory,
purchased by
in 2007, is established since 1975
and benefits from immense experience in frame
manufacturing, especially on acetate and metal
combination frames. The detailing, the finish and the
quality of the products that we deliver daily to our
clients is what makes us different in the industry.


frames and sunglasses factory, Shenzhen,China

With increasing sales and limited capacities in Dongguan, Icare integrated one of its subcontractors in Shenzhen hence doubling its production capacity in China. With 400 workers producing metal (Stainless steel, titanium), acetate and combination frames, Icare now benefits from a total capacity of over 200,000 frames per month.


frames and sunglasses factory, Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Established in 2015, our factory there aims at supplying low to medium-end products, in large volumes, to the optical industry. With a limited number of workers and a high-tech setup in terms of machinery (CNC 5 axis, laser machines, etc...), our factory is set to reach a capacity of 100,000 pcs per month, with very competitive prices while offering the best quality standards the optical industry can propose, yet, out of China.

Why a new factory in Sihanoukville Cambodia?

Cost is of course one of the main reasons we moved to Cambodia but that is far from being the only reason:

  • Khmer people are very meticulous and are known in Southeast Asian for being very caring and careful, a key aspect to make the item that customers will see first when trying their frames at home!
  • More competitive labor cost with no tariffs to the USA and lower impact tasces to Europe
  • Sihanoukville provides a stable working environment (less than 3% staff turnover and 0% for management) as we do not have much industries around us and because working conditions are good. Yet, we are a mile away from the port, providing us with good support for imports and exports.
  • No Chinese new year to deal with.
  • Cambodian social and environmental laws provide a sound development base for people and for a factory.
  • A great environment for production: Easy recruitment, no canteen(people go home to eat), no dormitories (workers leave in Sihanoukville),proximity of the sea in this resort town...!
  • The great character of the Khmer people: The true country of smile!