Mastering acetate and metal (stainless steel, titanium, etc.), we produce more than 4 millions pieces of optical frames per year, most of the time branded but always with impeccable finish and high-end quality.

We also produce injected frames through a network of exclusive subcontractors. Our frames respect all international optical standards like CE, Reach, Prop 65, and Ansi, etc., but more than these minimum requirements, aim at creating a design and finish difference for our clients. Frame manufacturing and design are a business of details, and we believe that perfection in the details is the key to differentiating collections from the rest of the competition in a very crowded market, the only way for our clients but also for us as a manufacturer, to last and grow in the long run.

"At Icare Group, our commitment to eyewear excellence knows no bounds. We proudly operate three cutting-edge factories, each with its unique specialization, ensuring that we meet the diverse needs of our clients and partners worldwide." said Cedric Bimar, Managing Director at Icare Group. Our clients demand not just regulatory compliance, but design, innovation and quality that captivates consumers and drives the brands forward. That is the level of excellence we strive to deliver with every frame we produce.”

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